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The Kings Cudgel RPG Tabletop Gaming, Video, Computer, and Onsite Bistro

First we would like to thank everyone who supported us while we were open,

but regrettably, The Kings Cudgel in its original vision is now closed. 

The vision of a game center and restaurant however lives on, as the location

and assets have been passed on to a new owner. 

Tyler Morefield is now at the helm of the new re-imagined ship. 

                                           Now called

                                       Dungeons & Dining 

We highly encourage all to visit the new venue, which is still located at

                                    764 Westover Drive

                                 Danville, Virginia  24541 

For more information, visit their facebook page at;



Farewell Friends & Game on. 

From Jim & Wendy Shaw.  Watch for us at www.Nithrendia.com as we

continue our adventures with content creation and books