Our Games & Gamerooms
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RPG & Tabletop

Risk, Cards Against Humanity. Chess, Magic The Gathering, Clue, Monopoly, Dungeons & Dragons, Whatever you are playing we have a table waiting for you.  We’ve spare no expense to try and build out the best gameroom we could imagine in the space available.   We are gamers too, so we started by designing a gameroom we would want to play in.     Our tables are custom built and warpped in what we like to call “Dragon Skin.”  Each of the large 9 seat tables sports a 50 inch display for the GameMaster to use for casting maps, images or any other imaginable aid to the players. We also have 6 seat tables and 2 seat tables for smaller groups or a for more private 1 on 1 encounters. 

Food & Drink in the GameRoom

Your darn right there is!  And whats more, is that your order can be served right to your table without you  having to get up  and interrupt  the flow of your game.   I mean thats why your here right, to have a great time with friends and enjoy a good game night.  visit another world where you can escape reality for a few hours (cause lets face it - Reality sucks, right?) and not have to wash the dishes or clean up the mess when your done.  No more worrying about who did what to the bathroom or having to supply the food, chips, dip and drinks to your group, we’ve got you covered!
We’ve got it!  We have a special little room we call the Battle Bridge, designed from top to bottom to resemble the main bridge of a starship, with all the bells and whistles we could muster.  It even has a main view screen looking out into space.  But, the most important feature for you, our customers, will be the six bridge officers consoles complete with 32 inch 4K curved displays, each networked and ready for your next mission. Our library will be stocked with a growing supply of games such as Assassins Creed, Skyrim, and so many others. Our Nintendo bar on the other side of the rpg room will be a perfect place  for you and up to three other friends to go head to head in Mario Cart or any other game of your choosing.

PS4, PC & Nintendo - High Speed Internet and Steam.

Virtual Reality - Holodeck-5

One of our favorite gaming systems coming to The Kings Cudgel is the awesome VR experience of the KatWalk Mini, coupled with the Vive Pro VR Helmet. This will literally (Ok, virtually) put you inside the game.  Imagine being  able to really experience the sensation of walking on Skyrim, exploring a virtual haunted house or finding your way out of an escape room step by step. The King’s Cudgel’s own  Holodeck-5  will be your gateway to Virtual and Augmented reality in a growing number of games we are selecting for the experience.